Benedict Cumberbatch on his parents’ cameo in Sherlock. (x)

"There are five of us."


I have destroyed six bags this year from carrying around too many books. They need to make cute bags that are hardcore enough to support my addiction. 



Movie Posters: BBC Sherlock

This is a beauty!


I am Mycroft and Mycroft is me


I am Mycroft and Mycroft is me

Brotherly love.


*English teacher tells us the total number of pages we’ll be reading this semester: 1,794*

*half the class faints*

"When a man tried to comb the wild out of her hair and wash the bark off her skin she called the wolves, she sent the vultures, she watched as he was consumed alive organ by organ, asked him, "How dare you try and chop my Amazon into fire wood for your own warmth?"
Anny Miner “Wicked Women” (via lefiguier)
How dare you throw away the beautiful gifts you were born with and how dare you betray the love of your friends. Say you’re sorry.
Molly Hooper, my idol (via ohmygeekblog)